Thursday, September 29, 2005

Is it a kilohit?

Thank you Web Surfer routed through Vienna, Virginia on at 1:08 PM today.

I've surpassed 1,000 hits! That's almost like two hits a day! That'd be a great life if I were a heroin addict!

Damned If You Do

The scuttlebutt this week has focused on the fact that our state's Governor decided to cancel school on Monday and Tuesday of this week.

So far, all of the outcries have only been from parents. The students didn't seem to mind at all. Neither did the rest of the faculty. And to be quite honest, I would have missed anyhow thanks to hitting the apex of a bad head cold that I think I picked up in the filthy airport in Memphis. I don't know if that's really where I got it, but it was the filthiest place I was all last week. Keep in mind that we were in some real dive bars in Tucson, AZ as well. And yes, they were way cleaner than that crummy excuse for an airport. As in I'd have rather eaten from the urinal at a bar called The Surly Wench than in Memphis.

Anyhow, back to the school issue. Our state's overall school system is in the gutter. It didn't get that way by missing two extra days of school in an attempt to preempt a possible fuel shortage. What's funniest is that I was in Tucson when it was announced and there didn't seem to be one iota of concern among the citizens there. Why is everyone so stupid in Atlanta? The governor tries to do a good deed and ends up causing another run on the pumps? How can people be so freakin' stupid? It must be those two days of school they missed.

So the latest hurricane ended up being a yawner. (it helps when you're above sea level) Sure, some people on the coast had damage and loss, but it's not like they didn't know that hurricanes were a possibility. (unless of course they only taught that in school on those two days, darn!) But the truth still remains that few (if any) school systems in the state have budgeted for $3/gal gas in their transportation estimates. It may only be delaying the inevitable that they'll go over budget, but it helps a little. Hell, I saved a lot myself. Well, about half a gallon for two days and the fact that I was stranded at home because of a dead car battery. Actually, I lost money buying a battery, but I had the time to get it fixed!

About the whiners? Seems like the strongest argument in their favor is what to do with the kids if they aren't in school? It goes back to the mentality (and sad truth) that public school is primarily a day care. Somewhere down the list below social assimilation, menial task job training and sports we eventually get to the school's purpose with respect to academics. So quit yer bitchin' about lost instructional time and get to the real fact that you were inconvenienced.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Taco Smell

I made the mistake of eating at Taco Bell for lunch today. I soon remembered that I'd have had a better meal if I had eaten a can of Alpo in a dirty sock. But USDA Grade D beef jokes aside, there was something else about my experience that gave me that sick-to-your-stomach feeling more than the food (or the smell in the restaurant for that matter).

The shitwipes had the audacity to charge me 75 cents to use my frickin' debit card.

If I hadn't already been pushing it on time to get back to work, I'd have told the manager to take three quarters instead and have them relocated to a very unpleasant region of his body. My $3.50 for ground cow asshole and week old produce from the grocery store dumpster jumped to more than $4. That's about a 22% increase. And for what? So the fucker serving me this pile of steaming dog excrement can get paid a little extra to give me a good case of the butt mud? Wha'? And forget the "convenience charge" bullshit. Sure it's convenient to line your pockets with other people's money, that's a given. I know using those machines ain't free for them, but I thought the point was that the benefit to the store was a guaranteed payment for a fraction of a cent per dollar. Sure, cash more than achieves that, I know. But can you really expect to be competitive in today's economy without taking payment with plastic sans surcharge? The Wendy's, Arby's, Chick-fil-A, KFC, Panera Bread, Atlanta Bread Company, etc. that are within projectile vomit range just became a bit more attractive there Mr. General Manager. And it's not just because their products actually resemble food.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Today's Obscure Trivia

Want to know what was #1 on the charts when you were born?

Supposedly your life's theme song is the #1 song on your 18th birthday. If so...
This Is How We Do It - Montell Jordan (US)
Back for Good - Take That (UK)

I don't know the latter, but that Montell has got himself one kickin' tune there, buddy.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Smooth Move, Ex-Lax

I had written a pretty scathing post about the ineffective bureaucratic bullshit going on down in New Orleans. In retrospect, it was likely fate keeping me from being so hot-headed and hasty that I appeared crazy like that lady in Texas. And the only good to come of Hurricane Katrina is the fact that everyone seems to have forgotten about her stupid ass.

What a fucking crisis. I'd say it couldn't be worse, but just imagine if it had been a god-damned, certifiable, maniacal terrorist attack instead? At least this only incites stupidity at the gas pumps in other cities. What if everyone was fearing for their own life instead because of a disastrous death toll in a large city due to a BFB (Big Fucking Bomb)? It takes four days to get supplies (food and water for survivors I'm talking here) to a disaster area that we knew was going to be ugly several days in advance. Hurricanes don't just show up without warning like a Jihad. How hard would it have been to have supply trucks ready to go only several hours outside of the city when the hurricane made landfall? Only an idiot would have had it already there, sure. You don't want the stuff destroyed as well. But Jesus-titty-fucking-Christ! Four days to get food and water in? People dying in hospitals without running water or electricity several days after the storm? People still trapped on "islands" in the middle of the city? They do have amphibious vehicles and cargo planes designed to drop supplies from the sky don't they?

I'm sorry. I just thought they had a plan after what happened in New York a few years ago. It's good to know we've funded a bureaucracy that stumbles all over itself in the event of an emergency. I just think that you should be ashamed when the Salvation Army can respond faster than our real Army. And screw that lame excuse that they're all in Iraq. I know that isn't true. We've just got some real evidence about how fucking pathetic leadership is across the board when it comes to our government agencies.

Jeez Louise

I hate articles like this one. This is the brigade my cousin is in. I don't think it's him because my aunt would have let us know by now. She the treasurer for the unit's family relief group so she'll probably know who it was soon. I know their families are already affected, I just hope they don't already have families of their own.

My cousin has already been in a Hummer when it hit a roadside bomb. Fortunately all he lost was his daypack. He lied about it for a while then he finally admitted it. He knows how worried his wife and parents would be. But now he's sending us a picture of his blown up Hummer. I'll probably post a copy if I can get a digital version.