Thursday, September 27, 2007

b's candidate

Just took one of those online quizzes. I'm such a sucker for those. My favorite was what type of PMSer are you or something to that effect. I think I got something like "mega-bitch" or something else ominous sounding.

This time, I resorted to an online political quiz. It asks you a few questions about whether an issue is important to you and asks you to rank it's priority. Then, it tries to match up which current candidate in the dog and pony show we call the presidential race matches you the most.

Yay, just what we need. An even longer presidential candidate race to focus your attention on the equivalent of a less-than-entertaining mud-wrestling show while the current elected officials wreak havoc while everyone is distracted.

My result? Looks like I'm 78% Ron Paul. I guess the other 22% is my enormous ego. After all, I am blogging like people care to read this. Go figure, the ex-Libertarian is the choice of a Libertarian Party member. It's interesting that every political quiz I take pegs me somewhere in the vicinity of a moderate-Republican / Libertarian voter.

Dead last on my list? Hillary Clinton. Good. More than fantastic. Fanfuckingtastic!

Number two for me was Fred Thompson. Hey, he does a good job as a DA in New York.