Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Obscure Corporate Bowl Game 2004

Is it just me or is the college bowl situation getting more and more dilute every season? Perhaps it's thanks to the current trend of being "fair" to everyone, everyone gets to participate. I think it draws away from the privilege that bowl games used to seem to afford. It's great for the teams I suppose. A little chump change for the team and a nice trip as long as it's not to East Bumblefuck, Idaho like the Tech bowl game last season. I don't necessarily believe that the current eight consecutive bowl game streak for Tech compares to the six straight in the 50's under Bobby Dodd. Hell, there's even a bowl game sponsored by Vitalis now. I can't even find a website that tells me what the hell Vitalis is. After a few years of whoopin' up on Directional State University, maybe they'll go further down the chain and start letting high school teams into the bowl games.

Anyhow, it seems like Tech has gotten itself into the Champs Sports Bowl, formerly the Carquest Bowl, formerly who the hell knows what? (I'm pretty sure it was the Tangerine Bowl) At least we'll be playing a team from the Big 12 and not Team Congeniality like the last few years. Thank God that Clemson removed themselves from bowl eligibility so we could get an east coast bowl this year.

And talk about some real shit. What the hell is up with Oklahoma being ahead of USC in the BCS computer rankings? Bullshit! I hope to hell that one of those teams loses and Auburn wins this weekend.

I still think that college football needs a bad-ass tournament style championship like basketball has. Start with the top 16 or 32 teams and let them brawl. It's a gambling man's wet dream come true.

Monday, November 29, 2004

How NOT to Make White Cake

A little behind, mostly due to the holiday and a new project.

About two weeks ago, two girls at the middle school directly across the street decided they would bring a cake to school. But this wasn't just any ordinary cake apparently. Unconfirmed analysis says the secret ingredient was bleach.

From a Philadelphia ABC affiliate:

The father said the two girls began playing around in the kitchen the night before the incident after growing bored.

"It was not any kind of malicious intent," he said. "They thought it would be funny. They know it's not funny now."

The father said his daughter was diagnosed this summer with Asperger's syndrome, and that doctors told him the girl should not be in a conventional school setting. Asperger's is an autism-related condition characterized by social and communication deficiencies.

What the hell is wrong with the parents around here? "Oh, shit. My child did something completely and utterly stupid, not to mention harmful to others. It's only because of a disorder!" Here's the disorder. You didn't do your job as a parent. Even if you had her diagnosed with some rare and unlikely syndrome, you didn't follow doctor advice that she not be in a "conventional school setting." Does that mean you didn't believe them or were you just storing that one in the "break in case of emergency" bank when she did something even people with an IQ of less than 60 wouldn't do? "They thought it would be funny." What kind of sick, totally twisted sense of humor does this middle school kid have? Didn't you take a hint that time she stuck a lighter up the cat's ass?

It seems like our excuses for not rearing our children properly have degenerated into searching WebMD for the latest, greatest mental disorder. At least he was slightly original and didn't blame it on ADHD.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Name that school!

In a staff e-mail from yesterday:

Please help make the staff and community aware that several new school-naming committees will begin their work this month. Recommendations for naming Northwest Middle and West Cobb Middles schools are welcome.

As a reminder Rule FDC, which can be accesssed on the CCSD website, governs the naming of schools.

The public is invited to submit names for new schools no later than Friday, December 17, 2004.

Apparently "Directional County" isn't descriptive enough anymore.

Any suggestions?