Friday, July 27, 2007

this can't be serious

Is there really one person in the world that believes that the Earth is motionless and all other celestial activity occurs around this stationary planet? Sort of like one of those ecosystem globe thingys with the baby shrimp and algae and sticks in them? This really is a practical joke, right? Sort of like the South Park where Cartman pretended his hand puppet Jennifer Lopez was for real until the end when his friends finally believed him and he finally broke the joke and exposed their gullibility, right?

I guess those NASA scientists were secretly using the Bible and not genuine rocket science and other principles of physics. They prayed the shuttle into space and to the moon. Am I really supposed to believe that an all-powerful God is dumb enough to engineer things the hard way?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

how did i let myself miss this?

Watch this video. If you haven't already seen it that is.

I probably could have gone to the premiere if I had tried. I thought 15 minutes of ATHF was enough, didn't know how they could make a feature movie out of it, but apparently this is how. And I now understand why it was rated R. I'm seeing if it's at the dollar theater right now, gotta go.

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