Thursday, January 10, 2008

suck my ass, sam waterston!

Looks like the Unity08'ers are nothing but a bunch of panda-raping, namby-pamby quitters. I don't really think they rape pandas, that was just me getting your attention.

Build up. Slower build up. Even slower build up. Fizzle. Just like a M. Night Shamamlam movie.

I guess it was doomed from the get-go. First, it was infiltrated by a bastion of bed-wetters pretending not to be Democrats. That was apparent by the fact that the #1 issue (based on free-membership voting, mind you) was global "climate change." Otherwise known as "global warming" but that term has been officially abandoned because people in the Dakotas were praying for it and the new term covers the agenda in the event that the average global temperature ends up decreasing. And we all know what happens when Democrats get to make the decisions. Either an all-out cluster-fuck, or indecisive inertia. I honestly can't tell which one this one was. Not that we don't get cluster-fucks or inertia from Republicans.

I'm ready for a real third party option. No matter who gets the benefit of voting fraud in November, I still feel like any of the current candidates will simply be "more of the same." The lesser of two evils is still evil.