Thursday, December 15, 2005


I am still trying to figure out why I even bother looking at it anymore. I feel the same about the Neal Boortz site, but I'm still compelled to at least check it out. Perhaps it's the rare gem among the piles of garbage that keeps me coming back. But to today...

Today's biggest news? A lady that can help you frame up a cheesy proposal at a totally unexciting and un-memorable winery that sits directly on the interstate highway.

No. The elections in Iraq. I'm sorry, but this is probably the most momentous news story today. This is the first real election (does the temporary government election count?) in a country that has lived under dictatorial rule for decades. That is important world news of significance to everyone, especially those that live in an already "free" democratic republic. A whole nation is shifting to one of the most successful government styles to date and this is not worthy of the largest headlines? It gets buried under "pixelated pet pictures", Michael Vick's injury status, Arthur Blank's prospect of buying the Braves, and "pesticide-free Christmas trees"? At least the Christian conservatives are happy that they're not calling it a 'holiday' tree. And then it's not a headline like, "First official elections in Iraq", or anything even remotely positive. It's "Iraq voters brave bombers." I guess there's supposed to be one posted out at every corner just waiting for someone with a purple finger to walk by to pull the cord. And they have the audacity to ponder why subscriptions have been tanking?

I wouldn't even lay this paper out for a puppy to be housebroken.

Monday, December 12, 2005


Okay, how long has it been now? Three, four months since Katrina? And there are still people living in temporary housing?!? Why? My guess is that "temporary" is either no longer a vocabulary word they teach (because you teach those now instead of learning them from written context) or the definitions of words in the English language have become totally elastic. (think use = purpose, a la Kelo) Now we have temporary = permanent?

My favorite line from the article has to be this one:
"It is unimaginable what anxiety and misery these erratic and bizarre vacillations by FEMA have caused these victims, all of whom, for at least one point in time, had the very real fear of being without shelter for Christmas," Duval said in his 27-page ruling.
Boo. Fucking. Hoo!

That hadn't been a thought before then? Of no concern before you knew the deadline? Oh, you haven't received your housing subsidy check yet? What the fuck were you doing before the hurricane? How did you pay for shit then? Oh, you had a job? You actually traded goods and or services for money that you then exchanged for other goods and or services? But now, here you go, sitting right in that luxury suite totally skipping the first part where you actually contribute to society. (don't think it's a luxury suite? just ask the homeless dudes downtown how it compares to their accomodations)

Why do we continue to let these leeches bleed us to death? More importantly, who is letting them do it? $350 million? That's quite a chunk of change. How can you take it? Oh, it's so noble us giving more charity than we can afford. They had a name for this type of wealth redistribution. They called it communism. How can those of us that actually produce and generate for the nation's economy fight back? Who's going to court for us? How do the tax payers get a class action lawyer on our side?

I'm completely, one hundred percent serious. Who do I talk to?