Wednesday, October 13, 2004

We're supposed to be scared?

Funny that Walter Williams writes about this topic on a day when I've already been thinking about it.

Walking down the hall today, a colleague witnessed as a male student pushed a female student as they were walking. My friend touched the "gentleman's" shoulder to get his attention order to request that he not repeat the incident. Before he could say anything, the guy blew up and said "Get your hands off of me!" My friend, an ex-Marine, obviously didn't take this lightly and I don't know exactly what he said in reply, but you can imagine. Then, the kid says, "Man, you're lucky I don't stick you." What?!? Stick him? As in with a knife or something? I prefer to think it was a homosexual advance, but what the hell? His response to being touched is to stab someone? Who in the world gave him the idea that this is an appropriate way to solve a problem? I'm not even saying my colleague was right, but to stab someone? That's pretty severe.

If I were in the situation, I'd have requested that he actually follow through with his threat. That way, assuming he didn't hit anything vital, I would likely qualify for worker's comp, while I'm laying up in the hospital talking to my lawyers about how much money I'm suing this kid and his family for. Hell, I might actually make a decent take-home for the year after all is said and done. I might make it up to the ranks of minimum wage! Sweet!