Friday, July 30, 2004

Freddie Keith, Take 2

Can reincarnation happen before you're dead?

Maybe they're right when they say history repeats itself. I just didn't expect it so quickly or in the immediate family.

Is it bad when you start comparing family members to one another? That might be cause for bad karma but I'll risk it anyway.

Is it bad when you can't learn from the mistakes of others? Maybe it's just too hard when you're caught up in the situation. Perhaps it requires being an outsider to make a decent, non-subjective observation or two.

What I'm trying to get to is that I think that my cousin is ending up exactly like my dad. I don't think it's intentional, just like I don't think my dad intentionally screwed up his life. It just kind of happened through some network in the decision making matrices encountered through life. It's easy to get lost in once you get off of a good path.

My poor cousin. I love the guy to death. We're practically brothers and pretty much grew up as such, despite the whole not having the same parents thing. I feel like I should have been there for him a little better than I have been lately. Stereotype modern-day love life. Falls in love, gets married, has a kid, gets divorced. Turns out she's with the ex-"best friend" now. Guy was always shady anyhow. Not that I blame him, just saying he was sketchy.

Well, that's the quick version of how to get to now. Same thing happened to my dad. Sort of. Perhaps in a slightly different order, but I digress. (I'm trying to say that the 'conceiving a kid' part might not necessarily be after the 'gets married' part but that's not abundantly clear) Then after the big D, the slide into the self-destructive decision-making process.

For my dad, it was a woman named Vicky. She had three kids, probably by different dads.

For my cousin, it's the new girl. (name withheld for whatever reason) She has three kids, definitely by different dads.

My dad, got married to the lady.

Cousin? Reportedly going to marry the girl. Haven't heard it from him, but from his brother.

My dad? Ended up with a second divorce.

Cousin? Who knows, but if the prophecy is holding true thus far...

I guess I could really care less what he does. It's his life, I'm not his father, blah blah blah, etc. But the one I worry about in this situation is my cousin's son. I'm just afraid that the same shit is going to happen with him that happened to me. The only thing is, he doesn't have a good mom to fall back on like I did.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe he's right. Like I said, I haven't been too good of a "brother" lately to really know all. I just know my gut feeling from my interactions with the new couple. All of this crap in my cousin's life started when a lot of new stuff was going on in my life. Starting a new job, getting married, getting a new house. We saw each other a lot when we played in a band together, but that broke up just a little before the proverbial feces hit the oscillator as well. I guess the drive time and all just finally got the best of me. It's not an excuse, just a reason.

I guess not growing up with real siblings, it's kind of hard for me to know what to do. What does the good brother do? Do they try to make sure the other one knows what they're getting into? Or do they just let it be and let time decide? Is it easier or better to be a dick upfront and be wrong, or to just keep your mouth shut and secretly think "see, I knew it!"?

Thursday, July 29, 2004


compensation: (1) a 30-something buying an expensive sports-car; (2) a Democratic National Convention speech

Yeah, I know. Boring. Lame-o. The DNC. Why did I watch it? Really? I am lazy. Well, not really. I was washing the dishes and the remote was around the other side of the kitchen "island." You'd have to know my house to understand, I guess. Can you really call it lazy when I was cleaning, though? Do those two acts cancel each other out? Washing dishes and not going around to change the channel? Eh, it was just background noise and anger is really good when channeled into a dishrag.

My main observation is that Mrs. E. and her precious husband seemed to go on and on about only the things that the Dem party is weak on. Of course she had to spend most of her time touting their religion, and what a good church-going man her husband is, and how they go to church, and how they fear God, and... well, you get the point.

And him with his speeches about how tough he and his running mate, who by the way was in Vietnam, are. We're manly men! Look at our penises! Men! We're going to bring in other nations when we take over shit and by-golly, they're going to like us. They're really going to like us! Look at me, I'm just so gee-golly darned cute!

Rich people? You've been bad! We're going to take your money and give it to other people who deserve it more than you do. Come on, it's not like you worked to earn it! I'm sure you'll smile when John and John are on your doorstep to tag team 'dat azz. I'm so adorable!

And of course he had to talk about those people that need a "little help." You know the ones. The old people who forgot to save up a little so they could afford health insurance in their later years. Sorry, we didn't realize that stuff was going to cost money in the future. My bad! All of those starving kids all over the nation? We got you covered! Mommy and, if you're lucky, Daddy won't have to be responsible for taking care of you any more! We'll gladly do it! The mom having to work because her husband got called up from the Reserves. She wouldn't have to exchange goods and/or services for monetary compensation if he hadn't been called overseas for something he volunteered for. She could be sitting on her fat, lazy watching her stories instead of having to work. Isn't that what every wife/mother does? Noe of those other women have to work! Don't you worry, though! Voting for me and my pal John will ensure that "hope (aka your free lunch) is on the way!" Ain't I cute? And look, I can pronounce "ain't" right!

I'm sure the Republican convention will be just as amusing/infuriating. These things are all about looking good at what you really stink at. The RNC will probably have a lot of photo ops for Blacks and Hispanics to send the whole "see? Your people are Republicans, too!" message.

In the meantime, I go back to work next week (yay!, not). I guess I'll just have to pay the bills the old-fashioned way until next year. You know, by working.

Friday, July 16, 2004

37,260 : 133,784,560

I played poker last night with some buddies. We get together, $5 buy-in that lasts quite a while. None of us are in any position to play with much more and I never understood how playing with more money was supposed to be better or "more fun." I suppose there is that whole "win more" possibility, but there's that whole "lose more" part, too.

Late in the evening, I was trying to either win big, or lose big. I had about $4 of my original $5 at this point. In one hand, I get a pocket spade 3 and heart 5. Oh, why not? Sucky cards, but maybe I'll get lucky with the straight.

On the flop, the 2-3-4 of hearts all come up. Now I have 4/5 for a straight flush. I stil have to admit, the probability of the A or 6 in the next two cards sort of sucks. Why not? 50 cents!

Next card down is something not helpful. Still one card? Crappy odds, but it's going to cost you $1. One person stays in. I really have nothing else in my hand if one of those two cards I need or antoher to make a pair comes up, so thus far, I've bought the pot.

Last card... the A of hearts. All in! $2 and change. Dude wimped out, mostly because 4/5 of a straight was showing on the table. I don't blame him. Typically, I wouldn't show what I had if I won like that, but we're totally not professionals and the probablity of getting that hand again anytime soon is really freakin' low.

I was up a few bucks late in the evening and I had to drive a friend home who actually had to go to work today. First, I was trying to lose and not succeeding. Then the luck ran out and a few big hands sent me home with nothing. But I don't feel too badly about losing. 5+ hours of entertainment for $5? Hell that's cheaper and longer than the matinee these days.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Extreme Makeover!!

Enjoy the new look. I don't know how "appropriate" it is, but it looks way cooler than the old scheme.

Now with comments!!

Your low-carb alternative to those other blogs!

Why I Don't Have Kids

At Mother's Day, my grandmother offered a very scary suggestion. She simply stated that perhaps next year my wife would be a mother. So, I've started a list of exactly why that is probably unlikely, barring some sort of huge accident.

Reason #1
I'm selfish. Sorry, but I didn't spend all damn day studying for 5 years during college to spend all damn day cleaning up and caring for a rugrat. There's much to be done and shit to be seen before I start seeing the shit in the diaper.

Reason #2
Every family gathering has turned into the most effective form of birth control imaginable. Forget the pill, we use feuding ex-es, screaming undisciplined children, and general overall white trashdom. It's pretty bad when the only person you want to talk to at family gatherings is your mother and she's too busy acting as a parent to the 10 or so kids that don't belong to her. The worst part is she's way better at it and she's hasn't been practicing for years.

Reason #3
I get my daily dose of parenting at work for 4/5 of the year.

Reason #4
My father. I don't want anything going on in my life that gives him any reason to want to be a part of it again. The last straw was not coming to my wedding.

Reason #5
I'm not ready to be "those people." You know, the ones with the obnoxious kids at the restaurant, or the ones with the kids who talk during the entire movie, even if it is just crappy ol' Shrek 2. They probably don't even realize how obnoxious it is, it's probably much worse at home.

To be continued...perhaps...