Wednesday, June 20, 2007

thoughts on gun control

Excerpt from an article in today's AJC:
A Marietta man was arrested overnight for allegedly stabbing and killing his mother during an argument over washing dishes.

“It started at the dinner table,” Bishop said. “The mother had asked her son to do the dishes and they got into an argument about doing the dishes.”

Bishop said Walker then struck his mother, and when she threatened to call police, “he went and retrieved a knife and started stabbing her.”

Stories like this only serve to confirm my personal philosophy on gun control...

Guns don't kill people, crazy motherfuckers do!
Yeah, sometimes they have a gun but most other times they just find whatever else will work.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Don Herbert, dead at 89.

It's probably at least partly his fault I ended up choosing to teach science. I remember when we first got cable and I discovered his show on Nickelodeon, when they weren't so hell bent on creating retarded shows for retarded kids (as in, at least this show didn't grossly underestimate the intelligence of kids). Mr. Wizard's World came on at 6 am and that's what time my alarm clock went off. I was the first one up in the house every day so I could watch a freakin' nerd show.

I learned so much from that show that I didn't realize until a few years ago when I caught a rerun. First, I realized I knew the episode. Second, I realized that this show was where I learned that columns of liquid can exert a great pressure. It was one where a girl was trying to suck grape juice or something purple up clear tubing from a three story or so window. Third, I realized that it probably wasn't an accident that they picked a girl to suck on a long straw. You nasty, Mr. Wizard!

I left an episode as part of my substitute plans my first year I taught. They hated it. Guess it's because of 80's hair, lack of half-nudity, or cameras that maintain a shot for more than 3 seconds. Thank you MTV.

I am sad now. Here's the frowny face to prove it. :-(


Don't tell me I'm going to get what I'm looking for when I can't even find your website Mr./Ms./Mrs./Dr. I've been getting timeout errors for more than 10 minutes.

Yay Google!