Tuesday, June 28, 2005

What Do You Call It?

What are you if you start reading Supreme Court opinions? And the Constitution? And you have an opinion on who the next Chief Justice should be? And you enjoy it? And you're not a law student?

I'm beginning to think that this separation of powers idea set forth in the Constitution no longer exists. I was saying that yesterday to my father-in-law and now Thomas Sowell writes the same thing, albeit more eloquently.

Some phrase regarding Biblical geography and handbaskets comes to mind.

I'm Starting to Wake Up

The Matrix presents an interesting view on the monotony of modern urban society.

Fight Club questions the role of the male figure in the modern urban society.

And these are only two movies in a list that could continue on for ages.

Maybe it's all of the science fiction I've been reading lately. Maybe it's the clean air I've been breathing. But, I've been thinking.

I've been thinking. I'm not really passionate about my job. I'm passionate about the content and I'm passionate about a handful of the kids and I'm passionate about the clubs I sponsor. But the job, not really that into it. Every day, I wake up and go to work. I hate that part. It's not too bad when I get there, I just don't want to get there to begin with. Perhaps it's the fact that I have to be there at a very specific time, every single day, monotony monotony monotony. I don't interpret it positively when you fantasize about not going to work when you are driving to work. Driving straight instead of making that left turn and then not correcting the mistake in navigation at the next intersection. I'm too cynical and I'm too much invested into the belief that it's not my job to motivate young adults to do their homework and study. There's too strong of a belief in intrinsic motivation but all most of them worry about is the extrinsic motivator called "grades." I feel that I lack the communication skills to connect with a lot of the kids, likely too stoic from all of the afternoons spent alone as a latchkey kid or maybe because I don't have kids of my own. Or maybe I'm just oblivious and I'm all wrong. Besides, I'd probably feel like this no matter what I was doing.

And I'm not too excited about Atlanta. It's a neat town and all, and it's all big and metropolitan. I'm just not too crazy about it. I feel an urge to move every time I go out of town. I catch myself looking for real estate guides subconciously.

Brain: Oh, look! A real estate guide.

Thumb and finger:turn page...turn page...turn page...

Brain: reading...reading...

Me: Dammit! Why am I looking at a real estate guide?

But, I find myself thinking. And I think that's something I don't usually do.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

So Wrong!

This is just so wrong.

So, the guys (and girl) are hard up for a little lovin'. That doesn't mean you have to post their mugs on the internet. As if they didn't already feel pathetic enough getting arrested. And from the disclaimer, this gang might not have even been convicted yet.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Damn Scientologists!

Tom Cruise has really gone off the deep end. First, it's pedophilia, now killing Oprah??

He really is a flaming promosexual, you know?

Friday, June 17, 2005

Oh, By The Way

I'm currently in the witness relocation program in Montana. Part of that's true, hence the relative lack of posts lately. Dial-up through my provider is working now so things should return to semi-normal. That means a post every two weeks or so, I grok.

I'd write about my travels, it just seems so boring. Like reading a diary without the exciting sex-capades and bitching about my menstruation.

I'm Bringing A Jacket

An overtly religious acquaintance once told me I was going to hell. For what? Who knows? I was probably being lewd, lascivious, intentionally rude, crude, or otherwise socially unacceptable. I inquired as to the commenters plans to travel to such a place hisself. Quite abruptly and certainly, he replied with a resounding "no." My only reply was that at least he wouldn't be there to make it miserable.

I discovered some exciting news this afternoon. It seems that the powers that be decided that it would be a good idea to have a series of benefit concerts for those poor, poor African nations with all of those natural resources and no pieces of paper with dead American presidents on them, the powers that be being Bob Geldof. You may remember him from such groups as the Boomtown Rats, Band Aid, and Live Aid. Quite a production with tons of headline bands playing in various cosmopolitan cities across the globe, intentionally taking place on the eve of the upcoming G8 summit in Scotland.

Enough background, let me get to my point. One of the shows is in London, at Hyde Park. And while there are some notable groups playing there, I find it most intriguing and interesting that the line-up includes the one and only, Pink Floyd. Including Roger Waters. Apparently they let him out of the mental ward. And in case you don't know, the Pink Floyd post-Roger Waters albums were only slightly better than Zamfir, Master of the Pan Flute. Man that fucker can rock the hell out of a pan flute. As a matter of fact, these post-Waters albums were the inspiration for Queensryche to record an entire album in the style of Pink Floyd doing a cover of Queensryche doing a cover of Pink Floyd.

The concert is free. Apparently awareness is much more important than cold hard cash. As such, I imagine that Hyde Park will be quite overwhelmed. I would say that it would be packed with the rowdy Floyd fans of the past, but it'll be surprising if they can get their walkers and wheelchairs through the gates and can manage to last the show without having to rely on their Depends undergarments. Depends on whether they're wearing them or not. Ha! Extremely bad joke intentional. But I'd have to say that it will likely be dominated by those "cool kids" these days that know their Pink Floyd music, as long as it came from Dark Side or The Wall.

So, indeed. Hell has frozen over. I know they already said that for the Eagles. But who thinks the Devil actually rocks to those shitty ass pussies? Relegate them to the farthest reaches of B98.5 where they belong, right between James Taylor and Kenny G.

And David Gilmour had this to say:
"It's crazy that America gives such a paltry percentage of its GNP to the starving nations."
You know? He's right. Let's give them what they deserve. Zero. Why not the Brits? It's not like we went over and took over most of Africa's shit years ago. Except for all of those slaves. And that was mostly the Brits, too. All I'm saying is it's not like you hear native Africans speaking English like an American. Hell, they'd have kicked some serious despotic dictator ass by now if they were.

Tell you what Dave, love you and all, and not in a gay way, but stick to what you know and wail on that git-fiddle. I'm pretty sure our "percentage" is more than other nations' totals.

And to those(2) of you reading this, when you join me and the big guy downstairs don't forget to bring your jacket.