Friday, January 23, 2009

verticalizing the bell

A terrifying trend has become more apparent to me in recent months. I have been aware that our culture embraces mediocrity in a futile and misguided attempt to create "fairness." In other words, to let the meritless achieve more than they normally would while those with the credentials and talent are brought down a notch or two. Somehow this is seen as a justice and equality rather than the narrowing of the bell curve that it really is.

For a while there, it seemed like the only place where talent and ability could go unpunished was athletics and entertainment provided you aren't too unattractive. Well, as long as you're male. Let's face it. Most football players are fat and UGLY! But now it seems that even these endeavors are no longer exempt. A basketball team in Texas is now apologizing for winning their game against another team in a 100-0 rout.

Should the teams have been matched up for a game in the first place? Obviously not. The coach of the losing team is in some type of denial if he can't admit that he should have never agreed to this game. But should the winning team apologize for being a better team (if not superior)? Absolutely not. The coach might have let up after halftime, let's face it. But that's a coaching issue. It's not the school's problem. And it's most certainly not the players' problem for simply doing their job and doing it well.

Let the coach apologize for not offering a forfeit at halftime. But don't for one minute think that these girls have something to apologize for. Setting a high competitive standard and giving the other team a few goals for the future should be commended, not denigrated in the incorrect name of "fair play."

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