Thursday, December 04, 2008

dumb move

Among other news that affects our lives very little, Auburn fired their coach.

Because of one rough season? Really? So they lost in a rout to the #1 ranked cross-state rival Alabama. A lot of others have as well (see also UGA vs. Alabama, Clemson vs. Alabama, God vs. Alabama, etc.). One loss in seven years is grounds for a firing? Give me a break. And good luck finding someone that feels like that's a secure job opening up there. A one season at a time contract? I know competition might exist for coaching, but come on.

Is it too late for Climpsun to renege on their deal with Debo, Dabo, Devo, whats-his-face? I think they'd benefit from a more experienced coach. Tuberville wouldn't even really have to change colors or mascots.

If all else fails, I hear Mississippi State and Tennessee had recent openings.

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